Kinetic Installation |2015

Transplant is a project within series of works. The idea came from my personal experience of living in Austria. My life has changed a lot due to the boundary of language and daily objects. Since then, compared to past experience, we lose the feeling of the reality, and the emotion of objects is redefined. Even though some objects have the similar function of the same products when I was in Taiwan, the rate of usage differs from that. To create the same experience (redefined objects), the author hacks the electronic products and make a new simulation of it. If the objects were combined by human organs, the relationship of everyday objects and people will be changed, which could situate the people into the future scenario in new thoughts. If people want to read the introduction of each product, people have to speak the global language: English - Pattern letters for translation. The new letters idea comes from Mandarin and Braille. Instead of how to use linear writing system, use patterns to represent the words.