Retro Product- Vacuum Cleaner Instrument

Performance |2014

Retro Product- Vacuum Cleaner Instrument is a hybrid project which mixes analog and digital sound and is displayed as an experimental sound performance. It is not just a hacking of daily life machine, but also creating a nostalgic atmosphere from the point of the future.
During the performance, audiences can hear original sound from the vacuum cleaner, which is the noise of the motor. Moreover, they can hear the special melody when air flows through the reed. What’s more, Arduino, releases, ultrasonic sensors, and some electronic materials control motors and connect interface like a MIDI controller. By pressing keyboard on the Vacuum Cleaner Instrument, microphone recorded analog sounds are sent to Pure Data to be processed and remixed and finally played from speakers. In a nutshell, there are three elements of sound – the motor sound from the vacuum cleaner, the sound from reed, and the live-remix of motor and reed. With nostalgic soundscape and dense atmosphere, audiences can enjoy abundant sounds from Vacuum Cleaner Instrument.
Performance photo by Marta PCampos.