Imprint of City_Lyon, France

Sound Installation, Painting |2018

"Imprint of City" is an interactive sound installation. “Imprint” refers to the blurred memory of sound. Through sound recording and interactive installation, this art piece interweaves visitors’ exploration of soundscape with artist Yen-Tzu Chang’s thoughts on the sound of the city. Carving pictures or words on stones have been a way to preserve memory in human history. Stones are heavy and less prone to natural destruction, making them ideal for passing down knowledge and keeping records. Guided by a street map, Chang collects sound from all parts of the city and marks the recording sites along her way. This art piece features a simplified map drawn on a stone in conductive ink. When visitors touch the stone, they may not recognize the locations. But by feeling the stone’s texture, they would feel as if they were wandering around the city and opening the city’s “audio files” one by one. In this piece, stone carving turns the visual experience of reading into a tactile and auditory one. The stone is not only a symbol of sound recording but also an interface for visitors to seek, listen and mix sound.
@2018 Yen Tzu Chang, production Grame and La BF15, Lyon.

Exhibit in...
2018 Biennale Musiques en Scène, Stone, La BF15, Lyon, France.