Imprint of City_Ogaki, Japan

Sound Installation |2016

The idea was inspired by stone craving which is one of the ways to keep memory permanently for ancients. Indeed, some areas and viewpoints, people engraved the words on the stone to tell the history. In these cases, the stone becomes an important symbol of conveying of the message. The visualization is transformed to the sense of touch and auditory.
Yen Tzu Chang collects the sound systematically on the street, at the same time, the spot where she records the sound will be the switch on and off can absolutely coordinate on stone. Paint on conductive ink on the stones. When the audiences touch the stone, they follow the texture of stone to find out the sound from the city. In this sound installation, the stone hits both sides: the symbol of the documentary of the sound, and a brand new interface for audience to figure out, listen, and compose. During the concert, the visual will present the simple map which the site she touch on the stone.

Ogaki sound Present - 2016 ▲IMPRINT OF CITY – YEN TZU CHANG mini EXHIBITION▲, IAMAS, Ogaki, Japan.
Linz sound Present - in the process

Special Thanks
1-3 Photos by Yushi Yashima
4-6 Photos by Yuji Miyano